Saturday, May 29, 2010


Dear Malone,

Today was the first time Daddy and I took you to the beach. We went to the bay by Meme's house- to the same beach that Daddy and I have gone to every summer since we've met. We didn't know what to except or how you'd feel about the sand and water.

As soon as we put you down on the sand, you were interested. You had a great time running your hands and fingers through it discovering it's texture.

At first, you weren't so sure about the waves and water. The water was coming in since it was high tide and it created a nice little shallow area for you to sit. The waves came in and at first you were scared. One came in a little fast and when it got to us, you cried. But eventually you started to show your adventurous side and crawled in deeper. You wanted to have a nurse so we went back in and sat with Meme. After you were finished she filled a bucket with some sand and water. You really liked that! You sat forever splashing your hands in the water and then sucking the salty sleeve of your rash guard.

Later, just you and I went and sat at the water. As the waves came in you hollered and chatted to them, smiling and laughing the whole time. After a bit, daddy came in too.

We had a great day at the beach. When we got back to Meme's house, you and I took a glorious three hour nap. I really needed it- you've been keeping me up a lot lately.

With love,

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