Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6/30 It's Not Me- Midweek Edtion.

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It's Not Me- Midweek edition.

I do not ordinarily think the man who drives the ice cream truck around our neighborhood each summer night must be some kind of creep with no life. I have not thought this about him since the first time I heard his jingle bells ring to let all of the kids know that he was making his rounds.

He does not drive a tricked out revived from the junk yard ice cream truck. And, I do not secretly judge parents who give their kids money to have a face to face encounter with the ice cream man.

I do not listen to the ice cream jingle every night at 7:00 pm and make horrifically awful assumptions about a person I have never met.

Tonight, when I heard the familiar tune come rolling down the street I did not sprint into the bedroom and ask my husband if he wanted something.

He did not say "A Choco Taco please."

I did not scramble through the house, searching for loose change and dollar bills.

I was not so excited to see that I hadn't missed the ice cream man that I jumped up and down on our sidewalk and waved like some sort high school cheerleader.

When the ice cream man pulled over, I was not overcome with indecision about which ice cream bar to choose.

The ice cream man did not smile patiently at me while I searched and looked at each ice cream illustration, comparing and contrasting the Bomb Pop vs the one with the candy crunch center.

When I got back into the house, I did not realize I had no bra on.

I do not think the ice cream man is still creepy.

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  1. Awesome. I actually giggled outloud at the high school cheerleader part.