Saturday, April 24, 2010

Girls Night.

Tonight, I took some time for a little self care. I spent 3 glorious hours away from the baby and husband and went out for dinner with friends. What is amazing about these friends is that some are people I probably would have never become friends with on my own. However, we are linked because we all had babies with in 3 months of each other and met when our babies were quite small through a program at the local hospital.

These mamas are amazing and really more than just friends. It's deeper- sister like almost. But sister isn't the right word either. These girls are my tribe. They know my kid, and I know theirs. They've got my back, they've been there every step of my parenthood way walking right along side with me.

The level of mutual respect is out of this world. While our parenting styles and choices may look different from the other's, we all acknowledge that as Mamas we're just trying to to the best we can for ourselves and families.

Tonight we had conversations that were so silly we cried. We discussed teething, weaning, trying to conceive more babies, and everything else in between.

People search their entire life for friends like these.

I am so blessed.

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  1. These are the friendships that will last a lifetime!