Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time Flies.

Wow. Another month lost (or gained depending on how you look at it).

In this past month I've let life get too busy and I've gotten myself in too deep. I've neglected this blog which is part of my self care plan. I know that when I write, I feel better. Yet, somehow it is so easy not to make the time to do it.

In terms of getting in too deep, I had a good wake up call this past week while Malone and I spent some time with my family living the country life. I reminded that simplicity is good and there is much that can be gained from moving at a slower pace.

Malone and I had the opportunity to spend a bit of the afternoon with a classmate of mine and her daughter who is about 6 months older than Malone. Its funny how life works out sometimes, this person and I did not get a long AT ALL in high school and I felt like at times could barely function together in the same space despite having common interests. What a difference 10 years make.

In the last month my little boy has decided to grow up a little. He's a full on crawler, pulling up, can climb up stairs, and babbles in conversation form, using tone and inflection in his voice. Listening to him lecture someone is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. He's working on "SO BIG" which is a Midwestern baby trick and has stood with no hands for a few seconds before loosing his balance.

During Malone's littlest days, I went to a new mother's program at my hospital (birth to four months). My friend Kate and I always next to each other, nursing our little tiny boys (who were less than six weeks old). Often, we'd look at the 3 or 4 month old babies and say "our boys are never going to be this big." Today on the plane back to MA, my almost 10 month Malone and I sat in front of a woman who was flying with her 4 month old baby girl. She looked so tiny compared to my big guy.

Is it cliche to start wailing "where has the time gone" already?

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