Thursday, March 11, 2010

Game Plan.

On Tuesday I had my appointment with the midwife.

Ironically, it was in the "Melone" room. This is the room where we sat with the midwife and she confirmed our pregnancy. This is the room where we sat with the midwife and she confirmed that I was indeed in labor. This is the room where we talked about how hard motherhood can really be and PPD.

After speaking with me for about 45 minutes, she was hesitant to diagnose postpartum depression. She didn't rule it out however.

She gave me the names of two therapists who very well educated in PPD to call, recommended that I exercise as I am able to (but not to pressure myself), and prescribed that I take more time everyday just for ME.

She told me that if this therapy/exercise/ME time plan doesn't help to call her and then we could speak about medication.

I came away from the appointment already feeling better.

I'm already having a hard time fitting the ME time in. It's just so hard to sit down and relax/ take time for myself when there is laundry to be done, a baby to be played with, and a house that never seems like it's clean enough.

But last night I did. I sat with my husband and watched the Marriage Ref that we had recorded on DVR.

It's amazing what an hour of laughter can do.


  1. I wish you a ton of success with this. Remember that it is a slow process. I know I am a person that wants instant results and hates waiting. Sounds like you have great support around you. Don't forget us mom bloggers, too. ;-) We will be here for you.