Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Not Me Monday.

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

On Saturday, my family did not go to Costco. We did not hope that the food pedaling Costco Grandmas would be out pimping their delicious wares. When we got there and they were not quite ready yet, we did not make several loops around the store in efforts to give them time to get set up. We were not too starving to become irrationally upset that we mistimed the samples. We did not elect to instead enjoy a breakfast of a churro and diet lemonaid from the Costco snack shack instead.

When we got home, I did not take a nap to recharge my batteries. I did not enjoy the first two and half hours of the nap with my baby did not nurse almost the whole time we slept. My husband did not join us for this family nap. And I did not bribe my husband with promise of a white chocolate Easter bunny to take the baby when he woke up so I could not sleep longer. And when he not do so happily, I did not sleep for another two and a half hours!

Upon waking from this nap, I did not run to the grocery store in grubby sweats. And I did not come home with $25.00 worth of Easter candy all of which will not be consumed before the actual holiday.

I did not eat this candy instead of a meal for supper.

On Sunday, we did not attempt take another family nap. When the baby (who's crib is in our room) was restless in bed with us, we did not put him in his crib and then we did not hide under the covers so he wouldn't see us. My husband did not fashion his portion of the blankets in such a way that he could see the baby, but the baby couldn't see him.

When the baby woke up after 25 minutes, my husband did not pull him into bed with us. The baby did not enjoy a free buffet of milk while we all slept.

We did not all sleep for three hours waking up just in time to watch the USA vs CAN hockey game.

We did not have a lazy weekend where the only "chores" that got done were a trip to Costco and and vacuuming the living room rug.

And we did not enjoy it.


  1. Isn't Easter Candy the best! I loved reading your post! I'm now following your blog:) Happy Monday!

  2. ha! I LOVED those sweet baby days when they'll be happy nursing. Sounds like a lovely weekend :)